Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Why did I want a Mac- Oh yeah...

Today I got a stark reminder of a reason I wanted a Mac. While I was browsing Digg, I crossed a site that has caused havoc on my computer.

I would presume that the problem arose through a Java Applet, seeing as how that was slowing the page in the first place. I would assume that the perpetrator used a hole in Java to install the program, which since has been setting off all kinds of warnings on my computer. It took me fifteen minutes to get rid of the program. The program was called "OuterInfo", and it even piggy-backed in another program which I am still working to remove. I completely uninstalled Java, seeing as how I never use it, and as shown here, it only causes trouble.

Right now, I am about to look into a few Linux distros. I am not planning to get a Macbook until Christmas, so I need to salvage/hold on to my laptop until then. I need to find a distro that is known to work well with laptops (Ubuntu?).

Update: I went back to get some information so that I could recommend a ban for the user that submitted the site, but Digg has already deleted the page. I haven't seen Digg act so quickly to solve a problem before.

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