Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Collection: Wednesday, July 11

I am finally back home with my own internet connection, and some time to spare. It took a while for me to sift through the last few days worth of RSS feed items. Here's what I found:
  • Errors in Microsoft's "standard" could prove to be potentially dangerous, depending on it's implementation. Some of the formulas contained in it are incorrect. Microsoft shouldn't even be trying to make this a standard.
  • Rudy Giuliani took a strong stance against medical marijuana saying that it is all a move to legalize it entirely. I am personally annoyed at the fact that he is denying all benefits of using marijuana for medicinal purposes because it may become closer to being legal. If it were legal, it wouldn't need to be sold on the street, and thus be safer than it is now.
  • Michael Moore is demanding an apology from Wolf Blitzer. Blitzer criticized Moore and Fahrenheit 9/11 three years ago, even though Moore turned out to be right. Moore infers that he will only do live interviews because they will edit out his argument if they have time to do so.
  • Want your liquids back from security? Simply take it from the bin.
  • Dell offers Linux computers now, but there is a hidden mark-up. Only Windows computers are offered a $225 upgrade for free. To match that with a Linux Dell, you would need to pay the extra money. I can guess that later Dell will say "we tried, but they didn't sell well."
  • Canadian airport security is wising up by allowing context to the use of "forbidden words." By this I mean that saying "my gun jammed" will not call the police, but saying "I have a gun" will. Basically, they're adding a touch of common sense to airport security.
My sister is having a lot of trouble with the Geek Squad. When my parents bought the laptop last year, the extra warranty was added for the accidental damage coverage. All I can say is that if a device is under manufacturer's warranty and Geek Squad, do not send it to the Geek Squad.

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8:56 PM | Posted by mike | 2 comments posted below


I thought you might be interested in what our wonderful mayor Jim Naugle is up to: a $250k robotic toilet that keeps people from spending too much time in it. I just blogged about it at (he isn't actually my mayor since I live outside the city limits, so I couldn't vote against him).
By Blogger mike3k, at 7/11/2007 10:19:00 PM
Yeah, at read that. Very poorly idea.

For one, the time limits on the bathroom will end up opening the door on people who are using it legitimately. Besides, trying to stop "homosexual activity" is admittedly not even a problem there. For the money, he could build restrooms all over the beach and solve the real problem of there not being enough.
By Anonymous mike, at 7/12/2007 08:12:00 AM
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