Saturday, July 7, 2007

Collection: Saturday, July 7

Round-up, today environmentally:
  • Five things that are worse than global warming. Basic gist: we're taking faster than nature provides. Trees are removed faster than they grow, we pollute more than time will decompose, etc. I would not consider myself to be a tree hugger, but it is sick how little people seem to care about the environment.
  • An environmental group says that computers running all night cost businesses $1.7 billion. But the real gem is in the last paragraph: people just don't care. My computer runs all the time because it causes too much trouble to have to reboot it (read: time). Until the computer can intelligently determine when I am going to use it and power on/off accordingly, nothing is going to change.
New York is behind me now. I have a college campus tour Monday, then I am on my way home. I just learned today that my sister is taking my laptop on a trip in the coming week. Her computer is caught in the infinite loop of repairs, and seeing as I have another computer I can use, it is only suiting that I loan her this one. The real trouble is how I will be able to work, I always use this computer, it has all my files.

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