Thursday, June 28, 2007

Collection: Thursday, June 28

The weather here is unbearably hot. Thankfully, I get air conditioning for the time that I am here. Here's the round-up:
  • There is a short interview/internal Microsoft email about life at Google. It really gives a nice perspective about how people at Google live. It is interesting to see Google compared to a college.
  • A police officer was put on leave after a videographer caught him fighting with a group of young teens for skateboarding. Much of the officer's actions were unprovoked, and it appears that there is no justification for his actions.
  • Headline: FEMA knew!! Um... surprise?
  • Slightly dated news, but Fox News viewers are less informed than Daily Show viewers. I think this is funny as a "news organization" loses to a comedy show. America at its best.
  • There is a cute little story of the 15 year journey of fleet of rubber ducks. The ducks were washed off a cargo ship, an have been floating around the world in the ocean currents.
  • Reports are saying that year-old Apple employees get a free iPhone. Another great reason to want to work for Apple. Anyone who recently quit may (or may not) be upset.
It can cool off in New York City any time now.

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