Monday, June 18, 2007

Microsoft trying to change the laws

The behemoth that is Microsoft is trying to change New York law so that voting machines can use Windows. The current law requires the source code to be open so that it can be easily be inspected to verify its operation. Windows, on the other hand, is closed-source, meaning that only Microsoft knows how the internal programming works.

This is the most disgusting abuse of the electoral process. The people have pushed for, and now have, a law requiring voting machines to be inspect-able, but a corporation is trying to reverse that decision. And judging by the way politicians love their money, a few dollars under the table would likely be all it takes to make them betray the people who elected them.

The strong arm tactics that Microsoft uses is what I would consider to be borderline illegal. You have a company that is already branded a monopoly, yet they are allowed to lobby lawmakers in their best interest. Numerous states have had open-standards bills shot down because of Microsoft lobbying. Microsoft is trying to keep the government locked into proprietary software, and the taxpayers are the ones that come to pay for it.

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