Saturday, June 9, 2007

New obsession: all things Apple

[Image: Apple products]
Since the school year is closing in, there is no homework, thus more free time. I must honestly say that I have spent much of my time browsing through Apple's product line. I've become obsessed with Apple.

It started this morning when I was thinking about a presentation a classmate had done. She brought in her Macbook to play music in the background. I was also trying to think of things to do on my upcoming trip to New York City. The only thing that I have come up with yet is: the Apple Store in SoHo. I got online to browse, and I lost track of time.

[Image: Macbook]I have been looking primarily at the Macbook, as that is most likely what I would end up buying. I must say that I have learned quite a bit about Apple computers today. I found out that Macbooks have remotes, which I assume would control all the media options (music, video). And, Macbooks have a battery life of about six hours, or about five and a half more than my current laptop.

That was all I came for, but why not keep looking. I gandered at the Airport Extreme, which would come in handy if I were to ever get a second computer. The Airport Extreme would make printer/file sharing much easier to manage.

In line with the New York trip mentioned above, I will likely see my brother sometime during that trip, and I am planning to ask him to bring his Macbook Pro with him so that I can play with it. I have to get a feel for Apples before I will buy one. Also, he would be able to answer any questions that I have about them on the spot.

But if I were to buy anything, I would likely do so through my sister as she could get an educational discount, which would save over a hundred dollars. But thinking of such, my local Best Buy carries one iMac display model- that's it- no laptops.

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One other cool thing with the Apple Remote - if you hold down the menu button while booting the machine, it will show the startup menu that lets you choose a volume to boot from (including Windows, if you're using Boot Camp), and you can use the navigation keys on the remote to choose a volume and boot from it.

I can't wait to see what Steve announces Monday :)
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