Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Why do we ban trade with Cuba?

[Image: Flag of Cuba]I was watching NBC the other day, and they had a morning special about Cuba. The show got me to thinking: why do we ban trade with Cuba?

The most common excuse is that Cuba is communist. China is also communist, but we continue to trade with them. China is actually more oppressive than Cuba. Cuba boasts some of the best education, as well as some of the best health care systems in the world. China only has a reputation of censorship. Try searching for tiananmen square:
[Image: Tienanmen Square]

Google even admits the censorship on the page:
据当地法律法规和政策,部分搜索结果未予显示 (According to local laws, regulations and policies, some search results are not shown)
If we were to stop trading with anyone, it should be China, not Cuba. You don't hear of this problem in Cuba.

Another excuse I have heard is that Castro shut down american businesses. But the thing about it is that he did so in reaction to the US tension. The US thought they could dictate how Castro ruled. When things boiled, Castro took over the hotels and casinos. The US fought back by banning all trade. The US is still at fault.

So there is still no evidence as to why we have banned trade, when every excuse only points back at us.

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Simple. Cuban immigrants are a huge political force and they're mostly Republican. Any whisper of easing relations with Cuba is met with outrage by them.

I'm in Vancouver this week and Cuban goods are easily available here. I don't smoke but I enjoyed coffee from Cuba, which we can't get in the US.
By Blogger mike3k, at 6/07/2007 02:05:00 AM
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