Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Clinton keeps edge in Dem. primaries

[Image: Hilary Clinton]Hilary Clinton is maintaining a star position in the democratic primaries. She holds 35% support, while second place is held by Barack Obama with 26% support. However, Clinton does not have much overall support compared to Obama. From the article:
Obama continues to enjoy the highest level of core support among all candidates in either party. Thirty-three percent (33%) would definitely vote for Obama while 38% would definitely vote against. For Edwards, the numbers are 27% definitely for and 35% definitely against. Clinton has solid support from 28% but 47% say they would definitely vote against her.
In the larger picture, Obama has more support than Clinton. Also, Clinton has a larger portion of people who would prefer not to see her in office. With 47% of people strongly against her, that leaves a very small margin to work with.

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