Sunday, June 3, 2007

Surgeon General nominee can "cure" gays

[Image: James Holsinger]Bush has nominated James Holsinger to be Surgeon General. So? Well, this guy is so scientific, he thinks he can "cure" gays. I would strongly object to this man's presence as Surgeon General because I would never want someone in charge of so much if he lacks the general foundation of common sense. Bush says:
As America's chief health educator, he will be charged with providing the best scientific information available on how Americans can make smart choices that improve their health and reduce their risk of illness and injury.
Because of this man's stance, I question whether "best scientific information" means that it will be biased, or used to push an idealogical agenda. Is this just another Harriet Miers? Either way, I hope this guy gets knocked down before anything happens.

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