Saturday, June 16, 2007

Is Obama ready to be a president?

[Image: Barack Obama]The newcomer and front-runner Barack Obama is winning support across the board. But the question remains, is he ready to be president? He has been in politics (senate) for eight years, but does not have the same experience as other candidates.

But perhaps that is what we need now. Maybe this country needs someone who needs a second to think things through before acting. Maybe we need someone who can work with both parties, not split the country. Maybe, just maybe, someone young will have the understanding of technology to veto future versions of the DMCA.

So what if he doesn't have the experience of other candidates? All politicians seem to go corrupt as a function of time. Obama hasn't been is business long enough to be getting the oil money and bribes. So just maybe, we can get someone who cares about the citizens, and not the oil companies.

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Barack Obama for President