Monday, June 11, 2007

Why Hilary Clinton likely won't make it

[Image: Hilary Clinton]Hilary Clinton is ahead of her biggest opponent, Barack Obama, in the Democratic primaries; the polls show that. But what the polls don't show is some reasons why people won't vote for her. I've compiled some idea as to why she won't become the first lady president.
  • Her husband - every blunder that Bill has ever made will reflect on her. People who hold a grudge against Bill will also hold a grudge on her. Either way, some people are refusing to support her based on Bill's prior actions. Some people may see it as Bill's second presidency.
  • She's a woman - as much as we would like to think that the woman are equally as good candidates, they are not. There will be a large number of people who will not vote for her because they fear she will focus on woman's rights, not the big picture. Also, nations where women are counted as property will have zero respect for her.
  • Zero republican support - One of the biggest issues that she faces is the fact that she has no support outside her party. People find her to be aggressive. It has been said that she has a four percent margin of voters who do not already have their minds made up; she has no room to expand her support.
The only thing I worry about are the democrats putting Clinton on the ballot based on democratic support. You need to be a person who can reach across the aisle and be level with people in the other party. Clinton is simply not one of those people.

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I don't understand why Republicans hate her so much - she has a lot in common with them. She supports the war and she's one of the leading voices in favor of video game censorship.
By Blogger mike3k, at 6/12/2007 02:32:00 AM
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