Tuesday, June 12, 2007

It's over, no more school, summer

I have only been looking forward to this day since... well, the first day of school. Through bad teachers and general nonsense, I managed to pull off all A's and B's this semester. I still don't have a summer job, but right now I am making money working on my neighbors' yards. Then, I'll be off to New York in about week and a half. I'll do my best to stay connected.

Technically, I still have one more day, but I am the only person in my class tomorrow and the teacher has nothing planned. It would simply be a waste of everyone's time for me to go to class. I may be using that time to take a test anyhow, as I need to do it for a Physics class I am planning to take.

I'm thinking, depending on how things pan out, that I may go for a Macbook after I return. I was reading online about how leopard may be out in October, which is a long ways away. I guess my POS laptop may last that long. Until then, I'm saving my pennies in anticipation.

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