Wednesday, June 13, 2007

A judge and his pants

Roy Pearson, a judge, sued a Korean couple running a dry-clean business in DC for losing his pants. Not only is suing over pants ridiculous, he wanted $65M. Now, the worst has happened: he cried over his pants in court. A disgusting example of a man abusing the legal system. From the article:
As Pearson explained that those weren't the pants for the suit, he choked up and left the courtroom crying after asking [Judge] Bartnoff for a break.
This guy does not at all sound like a stable enough person to effectively preside as a judge. Because of this case, he is making a very mockery of the system he is supposed to be upholding. Based on this, I would suggest that someone from that region push for his disbarment. You can't have a loony like this and expect anything to be fair.

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