Thursday, June 28, 2007

Conservapedia: just a little confused

As part of a Daily Show comment, I was looking at conservapedia's article on homosexuality. I say a link for gay rights, and could only wonder what they had to say. I found this tidbit to be interesting:
Amid growing public focus on gays and lesbians, 91 homosexuals were found to be employed in the U.S. State Department. Congressional investigators discovered homosexuals employed in 36 of 53 branches of Government, as well as in the armed forces.
Now, I may be getting the wrong interpretation, but they just said that there are 53 branches of government. Let's see, there is the Executive branch, Legislative branch, Judicial branch, and the office of the VP. Even counting the fake, I only get to four. This is a great example of how backwards people are.

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