Friday, June 29, 2007

Collection: Friday, June 29

I walked down to the Fifth Avenue Apple Store today, and found the madness that is the iPhone. I just wanted to look, but there was probably a thirty minute wait to get in the store. I went at about seven, so I figured that iPhone rush would have passed, but it was still going strong. But apart from that, here is the day's news round-up:
  • The House nearly defunded the office of the VP. Apparently, faced with losing all his money, Cheney realized that he is in the executive branch.
  • An interesting study concludes that wearing a helmet tends to draw cars closer to a bicycler. Safety groups are screaming that this does not eliminate the need for a helmet.
  • More previous government employees are calling for impeachment of Cheney.
Even though I didn't get inside the Apple Store, I must say that the Fifth Avenue store is impressive to say the least.

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