Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Collection: Wednesday, July 4

Happy fourth! Not much today in the news:
  • Subaru, no doubt, is an environmentally friendly company. Just about every car they sell gets at least 20mpg. Based on that, it should not surprise that they haven't sent anything to the dump in three years.
  • Ron Paul has always had a grip on social media, particularly digg, but today it was uncovered that he has people who are gaming the system. One person has noticed that masses of people digg only Ron Paul stories. Anything with his name they digg.
  • Africans are asking the wealthy donors to stop sending aid. For one, the biggest flaw has always been giving the money to the government. It's fairly obvious that the presidents there are quite corrupt and much of that money never reaches the people. Besides, there are better things we can do like build wells and buildings. Throwing money doesn't solve anything.
Today was a lot of fun. Fourth of July party all day long.

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