Saturday, January 5, 2008

Time to get a Mac?

Recently, I have begun to heavily consider buying a Mac. I considered getting a Mac Mini this Christmas, but opted not to. I decided that I didn't have a need for it yet. Then, my sister had to send her laptop in to be repaired, so she took my old (over three years) laptop with her to use in college.

[Image: Macbook]In the past, I have considered buying a Macbook for college. I figured that it would be a good, cheap computer to use for college, but the harder I look at it, the more I think that it is not enough. At the time, I thought of only keeping it for a year or two then selling it, but now I think I would rather get a better one and keep it longer.

[Image: Macbook Pro]Now, my decision is to buy a Macbook Pro, which will last me much longer, and is something that I could attach to a thirty inch monitor, if I choose to go down that road later. However, I am in no rush, and don't want to miss a big update to the line. According to MacRumors, the Macbook Pro should be updating soon.

With MacWorld coming up soon, I have to wonder whether or not Apple is going to update the Macbook Pro line. If they update the Macbook Pros, I think I will buy one right away, but if i they don't announce a newer/updated Macbook Pro, I'm going to wait until around graduation to buy one. Hopefully, I might only have to wait a few more weeks to get a new computer.

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