Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Windows Vista metaphor

[Image: Windows Vista]Many people have fallen prey to Vista. One man has created quite the elaborate piece on his getting a computer with Vista. The entire thing is very clever. Here's a little sample:
The world goes dark and my vision becomes a tunnel. I see the paperboy, pinned to the wall. Her impossibly strong hands around his throat, squeezing. His feet are kicking--she has lifted him off the floor by his neck. He looks desperately at me, eyes wide in terror, mouth opening and closing but unable to make a sound. My lovely wife smiles again and says, "This paperboy needs your permission to continue."
Most all of the ideas that I noticed in the story very closely tie into the manner in which Vista acts. I agree that Vista looks beautiful, but there is too little control of the computer. When I get any new computer, it will be Linux for desktop and Apple for notebook. Microsoft is becoming a bully. [via slashdot]



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