Friday, February 23, 2007

Convicted teacher gets new lawyer

The teacher who was accused of "risk of injury to a minor" is now getting a better lawyer to help clear her name (news posted here: newest, oldest). The whole story is outlined quite well at downloadsquad. Hopefully, the teacher can get a jury that understands computers, and will send her home innocent.

She has also started a blog. The blog currently has post on how to contribute to the cause, to help cover the legal costs. It also lists all the contact information for the people involved: principal, superintendent, prosecutor, judge, detective, etc. The internet is now free to attack the clueless individuals involved. One juror has already been taking the abuse:
For certain, this case has gotten ugly. In some instances, it's even become deeply personal. Fred F. has reportedly been berated by an angry public, and been the subject of ridicule for his former 435 pound plus frame, since the public outing.
I must say that I am intensely interested in how this turns out. Technology and law have never been friends, so I want to know if this all fixes itself with time, or if the legal system will fail (again).

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