Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Charter trying to make money from mail

[Image: Charter displays ads in email]Charter, a primarily cable-based business, seems to think that the internet works in the same way as television. Charter just recently launched a controversial "service" to their customers by trying to fix what was not broken. Just the other day, I was away from the family computer, so the only way I could access email was through their webmail. I am now greeted by an irrelevant advertisement on every page.

This really annoys me for a few reasons. One, Charter is very minimal in terms of mailboxes. Accounts have a grand total of 45MB of storage; that doesn't even match hotmail (100MB). Secondly, Charter has already demonstrated that they don't care about their customers much. I actually lost my connection to the internet while I was writing this. My service has been going out everyday for the past week. I can't wait until college when I can get access to faster and more reliable connections.

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