Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Comcast has limited unlimited use

[Image: Comcast logo]Comcast offers customers unlimited use of their internet connection. That of course, comes with a limit. Consumerist first reported that the guy downloaded a total of about 300GB per month, part of which is attributed to spyware controlling his computer. In a second story, Comcast responds saying that they issue warnings to people who use more than 100 times the national average amount. I think that there is something fishy about this.

The number given for his usage was about 300GB. Given that a national average would be one one-hundredth of that, the national average would be 3GB. I would say that number is way too low to be real. Also, I find it suspicious that Comcast only quotes the last two months usage, which to me means that this is quite out of the ordinary and is likely due to other reasons, but Comcast doesn't care.

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