Sunday, February 11, 2007

Fedora Core review: Part one

[Image: Fedora logo]It was only a few days ago that I briefly mentioned my intention of installing Fedora Core 5 on an old computer. I did find all the missing components, but not without issues (most issues were mine, not the OS):

Initially, I had to find all of the components. I was trying to scrap the computer at one point, so the hard was put in another computer and the monitor removed. It took me a few hours to find the power cable for the monitor, which ended up being in the exact place I left it, buried under all the other cables.

Cables found, I was now able to see what I was doing on the computer. Booted up, I was consistently met with an error saying that no hard drive was detected. After enough of that, I opened the case to find that I forgot to attach the power cord to the hard drive. Once that was out of the way, I could continue onward. There must have been a small scratch on the install disc because it restarted a few times, but eventually took.

Five hours later...

Everything is done. Eject the disc, reboot, wait. I am greeted with the login screen, which took me a second to realize that you use root to sign in, and another second to realize that it doesn't display anything when you type your password. After all was said and done, I notice that everything is command line. I look up the documentation online (from another computer) only to find that there is a minimum memory requirement of 192MB or RAM, which I don't meet (the computer only has 128MB, sad isn't it?).

So today I am thinking about getting some additional memory for the computer, but also pondering the idea of replacing the motherboard and processor as well, seeing as how I am already investing money in this. More will come from this ongoing review of Fedora core, but not until I can get some more memory.

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