Friday, February 9, 2007

Windows expert leaves for a Mac

Slashdot is covering a story of a man who recently spent three months on a Mac, a says he's not going back. Of course, he mentions that the worst part about a Mac is the price, which to me is the biggest turn off considering that I don't like to throw that much money into a computer. I have worked with a Mac when I spent some time with my brother this past summer, and I can say that a Mac meets all of my needs with no question. A Mac even suits my way of working better than any Windows software.

Slightly related topic: I am currently trying to resurrect an old computer for running Linux. Right now I am simply locating all the pieces since the computer hasn't been touched in about a year, and even then was about seven years old. Either way, the thing should still work (did about a year ago), and I know where almost everything is, except for the monitor power cord (somewhat important). If I get the thing going, I will try to do a full, first-impression review of Fedora Core 5.

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