Wednesday, February 7, 2007

RIAA misinterprets Jobs' letter

In Steve Jobs' open letter, he made the point that he is very much against DRM because it does nothing to protect music, and sales would be the same if there were no DRM. He claims that DRM is too retrictive, and that Apple choose to lock down their music only when record labels demanded it. The RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) mistook Jobs' letter as offering FairPlay (DRM) for sale:
Apple's offer to license Fairplay to other technology companies is a welcome breakthrough and would be a real victory for fans, artists and labels. There have been many services seeking a license to the Apple DRM. This would enable the interoperability that we have been urging for a very long time.
Let's break this statement from the RIAA down. First, they say that it would be a "victory" for fans, but how is a third party restricting your use of rightfully purchased music a victory? In reality the only victory would for record labels further restricting use of files. The RIAA claims that the interoperability is something that they want, but all they want is profit and interoperability would help get that profit by allowing easier purchasing. The RIAA is a load of BS.

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