Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Flickr-Yahoo merge meets conflict

[Image: flickr logo]Flickr has now set a deadline requiring that all users merge their flickr accounts with a Yahoo account, somewhat in the same fashion as Google and Blogger accounts merged. But, the merging of the two sites is meeting real criticism. I side with many of the flickr users saying that I would prefer not using anything associated with Yahoo.

Yahoo stayed in the background for quite some time, as it should considering that they own the company, not necessarily run it. Contrary to what many large companies like Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft think, I would prefer to have separate accounts for many things. For example, I would like to be able to associate my Blogger account with one email address, but be logged into a different Gmail account. By merging the services under one login, it makes that impossible. Besides, the requirement of a Yahoo account limits the usernames available, and with a service in place since '95, there isn't much left. At least Google lets you use any email address.

Yahoo and flickr may be able to turn things around, but it will never be able to restore all that they have lost. Many people have already vowed to let their paid account expire or drop the service entirely.

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