Friday, January 26, 2007

Godaddy pulls site; enrages customers

CNET has a story about how Godaddy took down a security website at the request of myspace. This story has enraged many people saying that people are trying to restrict free speech on the internet. I do have some objections to this, but since it is the first time that it has happened, I would be willing to ignore it, but what I can't ignore is the ideas of people commenting on the article. Take this first example:
Through a lack of Congressional involvement on the internet Child Porn flourish's and identity theft increases from 1 in 8 adults affected last year to 1 in 6 this year.

I don't know about any of you but I do know that human nature tells us that Federal Laws are serious and BIG FINES hit us in the pockets were it counts the most. So until Congress decides to get off there A*S*S's and decide to take the plunge and tackle the serious issues of the net that they have been avoiding for years now.
Here, this person is suggesting that the US congress should have the right to govern the law, and everyone's use of it. The internet is a worldwide network, meaning that there are more people using it than those in the US. I'm sure that people in Australia don't want to deal with the United States laws.

In one of my textbooks, there is an essay by Esther Dyson, who wrote "Cyberspace: If You Don’t Love It, Leave It." After reading that essay, I wholly agreed with her. She basically said that the internet is full of just about everything, and there is never going to be a way to police it, but the only solution is to simply ignore what you don't like. If you don't like the way the internet is, leave; it'll be better for everyone.

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