Thursday, January 18, 2007

The Onion on gay marriage

The Onion has a piece that was published a few days ago on gay marriage entitled "Nation's Gays Demand Right To Library Cards". Of course, it is not outright in saying so, but if you read any of it, it is easy to understand their point. From the article:
But opponents say the prospect of same-sex book-borrowing endangers the moral fiber of the country's most sacred reading traditions.
Sen. Jim Bunning (R–KY), [is] one of several conservative legislators who has vowed to draft a constitutional amendment that would define library book-lending as a contract between a library and a heterosexual reader. "But to issue them the same library cards as a regular American citizen would demean what our nation's library cards stand for."
This is really interesting, especially how my class is covering satire in language arts. This is a true example of great satire at work.

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