Monday, February 12, 2007

The money America wastes

The first of two stories today is how a small little town get it big, but it wasn't what they wanted. The town of Cheshire need a firetruck, and where else to get the money than from the government. They get the money but they are not allowed to spend it on the truck, the very reason they asked for money. They received $665,962 as a homeland security grant. The only thing that the residents can think of to protect with this grant money is "a sizable concrete sculpture of a cheese press," which most people can't think of why anyone would attack it. [via boingboing]

The other stupid idea of the year is the construction of a $592 million, 104 acre, US embassy in Baghdad. This doesn't exactly bode well with the people living in the area who only receive a few hours of electricity a day. The building is quite controversial. It will contain the largest swimming pool of Iraq, tennis courts, and many other things. The complex itself is rumored to be larger than anything that Saddam built himself. I would say that Bush intends to stay a while.

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