Monday, February 19, 2007

Dell opens customer request site

[Image: Dell]Dell wants to know what their customers think that they should do. They have just launched a site where you can vote for ideas you want to see in digg style. Here are some of the top ideas (highlights):
  • Pre-installed Linux distro - Get a computer preloaded with a particular Linux distro, instead of Windows.
  • No packaged software - Get rid of things like "AOL Free Trial" and everything else you uninstall upon first boot (this comes twice).
  • OpenOffice - Ship with the open source office suit.
  • No India - Do away with overseas tech support (this comes twice).
  • New design - Dell computer are ugly. My family's computer is inside a cabinet because no one wants to see it.
I think that this is one big step for Dell to keep their sales up. Of course, many of there options go in tandem: Linux easily would come with OpenOffice.

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