Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Dell considering Linux on desktops

[Image: Tux]After opening their idea site just a few days ago, Dell has realized that consumers want Linux. It has been confirmed that Dell is "considering" this. What that translates to is likely: "gives us some time to do this." With such an overwhelming number of such requests, Dell would be foolish not to.

The article mentions that the current second place is OpenOffice (comparable to Microsoft Office). I see a trend here: many of the requests are essentially asking for Dell to back away from Microsoft. Those familiar with anything going on in the news will know that many of Vista's reviews has been negative.

I have personally stayed away from buying a new computer because I don't want to get wrapped up in the hassle of getting things I don't want. I don't want Vista (or anything from Microsoft for that matter), so the fact that computer companies only ship with Windows eliminates all people like me. At the very least, people should always be given the choice- and a discount since Linux is free while Windows costs hundreds.

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