Thursday, February 22, 2007

RIAA appeals attorney's fees award

The RIAA lost, and now they say that they want their money back. The RIAA had to pay out attorney's fees after they wrongfully accused, and lost to a defendant. They say:
Instead, the plaintiffs argue that if the defendant has "a reason to know" of the infringing activity, she should be held liable. The RIAA also points to Foster's subscriber agreement with Cox Communications, her ISP, which the RIAA says "expressly required" her to keep others using her account from infringing copyrights.
This is where it becomes pathetic. The RIAA already lost the case and paid out fees, but they are still trying to take down someone who has done no wrong. Shouldn't the first verdict be enough to say that they are innocent?

In related news, Cory Doctorow shows some absurdity at Michigan State University where they are forcing people to watch propaganda videos. At MSU, they are cracking down on illegal downloading activity by forcing those caught multiple times to watch a video on the "illegalness" of downloading music. I would say that is enough to discourage me from attending that college.

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