Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Reasons to go for a Mac

[Image: Apple logo]All kinds of information has spread about Vista and Microsoft in general in the past few days. Here are the stories that I have found just today that may motivate you to switch to a Mac:

A bug in Vista requires users of legit copies to reactivate the software. This bug is triggered by some of the simplest actions that you can do with your computer like installing a new program or updating BIOS settings. Microsoft has acknowledged this problem and is supposed to have released a patch.

With a Mac, you can ignore this Windows Genuine Advantage crap that you read on the internet. No longer would you have to worry about your computer freaking out and locking you out of your computer. A Mac will be patiently waiting for you (14). In fact, my brother's Mac is running nearly all the time, just open up and it waiting.

Although Microsoft and Bill Gates have been claiming that Vista is secure and unstoppable, there are still plenty of vulnerabilities. Macs are much better about security. How often have you heard about the latest worm infecting every computer in sight, except Macs. Due part in fact to Apple's smaller market share, very little, if any, is targeted to attack Macs.

If you're thinking that some of the new features on Vista are just what you have been waiting for, most of those have been on Mac computers for some time now:

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