Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Houston police and tasers don't mix

Over at BoingBoing, there is post about Houston police tasering people at a music venue. Obviously the cop was way out of line. If you go over to BoingBoing, there are links to a few videos at YouTube that show the action. The worst is this:
" which time the cop tried to grab one of the musicians' guitar, and then slammed the musician to the ground... of course from that point on melee ensued, with at least three people being tasered by this cop, and several people being arrested. One of the kids tasered was a 14 year old kid who was there with his parents! One account states that the boy's father was also tasered."
What the hell was the cop thinking. There is no reason that a fourteen year old should be tasered, and then taser the parents, too. I have to say that I am surprised that someone didn't strike the cop over the head with something. Of course, with video and the internet, Houston would be foolish not to fire the cop.

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