Saturday, October 14, 2006

Busy; a move toward Linux

I have been so busy today. It started with setting up for the homecoming dance, which I was required to do for my NHS membership. Setting up was a waste of time- nobody did anything, and it was so unorganised that nothing got done. Everyone was let go early because they didn't have half the things they needed to continue.

Just last night, I tried to download Fedora Core 5, which is a distro of Linux. I have been looking at different distros for a while, but I at least wanted to get this downloaded so that perhaps some day when things are slow, I can install it on an old box and test it out.

Unfortunately, the download was unbearably slow- about 7KB/s which by my calculations would have taken about 24 hours to download. I can't give up my internet connection long enough for this to download. Right now I am looking to try and find a physical copy of it so I don't have to download.

I choose to download Fedora Core over many of the other distros for a reason. I had been to MIT where all of their computers seem to run on Fedora Core, or on occasion, Apple's OS X. I figure that if a respectable university like MIT runs a particular operating system, it is probably a good choice.

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