Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Blogging ways that annoy me

There are several things about many of the blogs on the internet day that really annoy me. I understand that there are people who enjoy that sort of thing, but I wish I could filter them out of me surfing.
  • Random images - I hate it when people just fill of space in the posts with random images. It's one thing to use a related image, like how I use logos and such in my posts, but when you use images that have no relevence at all to the topic it bothers me.
  • Videos in every post - It's one thing to post a really interesting video that you just found, but when every post consists entirely of a video, it get on my nerves.
  • Not making complete sentences - It's really not that hard to make a complete sentence, but when it looks like you typed out every word that came to your mind and posted without even rereading it for clarity, it makes no sense at all.
  • Naming people with letters - I can understand why you wouldn't use names to protect that person's identity, but couldn't you make up a name rather than to use a letter? I come across blogs where entire posts consisted of things like: H went over to B's house where we met up with W. It would be much clearer if you said Tom...
  • Using colors in posts - The only text color should be the page default color. Individual posts should always be the same color, and should be readable against the background. Nothing bothers me more than not even being able to see what someone says.
I may someday end up being guilty of one or two of these, but I don't expect to ever make a habit.

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