Thursday, September 7, 2006

Blogger is starting to annoy

I lived with some of the shortcomings and probelms of Blogger because of the fact that the platform is just that great, but recently they're really starting to annoy me.

First of all, they have everyone all hyped up for this great new thing, but they're taking forever to actually launch it. I would have much rather been surprised with the new system than I would to be sitting here for so long waiting for the things they promised. They really should have completed all the major features before releasing anything new.

Secondly, they're breaking things. I had no problem with the times or anything until just recently, now I had to adjust the time zone to CST, which it is not, just to compensate for their fault. Now just today, I noticed that they have broken the previous post lists. They used to show the post that came before the page you were viewing, now they just show the ten most recent.

Maybe things will be done in a few weeks, which I somewhat doubt. There was something that I read after Blogger in Beta was just released, some one comment "now it's going to be in beta for years," and I can really see this. Look how long GMail has been in beta. Google seems to be doing great at starting up these big things but it takes them much too long to finish.

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