Wednesday, August 30, 2006

SAT scores are lowest in years

[Image: SAT Logo]According to the news SAT scores have fallen more than any other year, for who knows how long. Although I do agree with this at any other time, that it is troubling, this particular headline doesn't mean anything to me. There is more to this than what the news is telling you now.

Back in April of this year, there were reports of how The College Board graded 4000+ tests incorrectly. There really isn't any way that you can compare the most recent test to any of the others because of the fact that they messed up on part of the scoring, and you don't know if that happened for the rest of the tests. The other is that they just recently modified the test.

Right now there is talk about how they blame the new writing section for the drop. I think that this could have some effect because I personally don't like to write on a time limit, and that writing is hard to score on because of the fact that there is no definitive right answer, and the way you score greatly depends on the person scoring you test's point of view.

The drop was only a few points, and really I don't see it as any concern. If, however, test scores fall short multiple years in a row, then there may be a reason for concern. People are just making too big of a deal about this.


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Yeah, another thing to think about is that if you stick with the same test, the scores can only go higher for so long, and after that they will drop a little, then up, then down. The scores will always cycle up and down some.
By Anonymous tom, at 8/30/2006 06:19:00 PM
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