Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Why do teachers do this

I never understood why teachers feel the need to assign homework during our summer recess. The very last thing that anyone even wants to think about is trying to finish their report in the last few days. I'm now starting to work fairly hard on my reports as I only have about two weeks left before it's due.

There are a few big reasons that they shouldn't even bother with the assignments. One: nobody wants to do them, and the always get put off until the end. Two: teachers even admit that the assignment isn't really for a grade of how well you did, but rather more about how much effort it seems you put in it. Three: teachers even complain about how much work it is to grade them all.

This year I get to at least read a book that I expect will be interesting. It's by Bill Bryson, an author who I've previously read part of a book by. Of the other book, In a Sunburned Country, he gives a humorous touch to a travel book, so I would expect the same of this one. The other looks like a feminist book, not at all interested in reading it.

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