Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Is Windows Vista just too much

[Image: Windows Logo]While I perfectly understand the whole reason that they feel the need to come up with a high-class looking OS, I'm thinking that Vista is perhaps a little to focused on the looks of the system. I would much rather have something as basic as it is now, but have outstanding performance.

Windows XP is basicly all you will ever need. It meets all the requirements of today's demand, and everything is made to work for it. When/if Vista comes out, I will be one of those who won't buy it. Unless it's a free upgrade (which it's not), I'm not going to dish out all the money to upgrade an OS that is doing fine already.

The whole reason that I see that XP did so well is the fact that things performed so much better then the prior. The whole reason that I use XP as compared to other versions is merely the fact that things just ran better. Only once have I been greeted with the BSOD and it has been a few years since then, while the pre-XP systems come across it every couple of months.

Then to top it off, there have been rumors floating around the internet about Vista costing $120 for the basic upgrade. There are other versions, costing up to $279, and that's only the upgrade. If you were ever to reformat your computer, the upgrade disc would require you to install XP and then run the upgrade disc. If you want the full version, you would lose everything on your hard drive, but you could always reinstall whenever you like. The most expensive upgrade is $450. That's a bit overboard. I'll get a laugh if this becomes Microsoft's most disappointing initial sales ever.

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