Monday, September 4, 2006

Things to make Blogger better

I recently made a feature request to Blogger about getting something that I really want. Here is a comeplete list of things that I would like to see from Blogger some day:
  • Tags/labels/categories - They're getting there, but they still lack in the ability to allow it in custom templates. Once this is implemented, it will make me so much happier.
  • Customizable search template - Currently, there are conditional tags for templates that allow you to give you more template control for the main page, archives, and post pages. Now that search has been added so that it is built into the blog template, I would like to be able to customize what goes on. For example, it would be nice to be able make it just titles, or the other thing that would make me happy would be allowing pagination, which could be a number set in the settings.
  • Blogger for domains - Google just made a big step with Gmail by allowing you to use your own domains for Gmail, calendar, and chat. Now I would like to see that happen with Blogger. I would be overjoyed if they listen to this. With the new Blogger in Beta version, the whole idea is dynamic serving. If you want to have your own domain, you have to host it. By allowing you to use your domain through Blogger, you get the best of both worlds. You get the domain for your blog and all the dynamics of Blog*Spot. This would even be something that I would be willing to pay for. - 1/5/07
  • Built-in commenting forms - One of the things that I like to have is the ability to keep a consistant design across the entire site, but currently that is somewhat ruined by having to shift to in order to make a comment.
  • Page-by-page browsing - This would be in much the same fashion of other places like how the high-profile Engadget does. This would include allowing you to add something like: # Older posts.
  • Search operators - Now that search and labels are built into the blog, it would be nice to see the option to use operators in the search like -label:blogger to see anything not labeled blogger. -Added 9/19/06
  • Labels by draft/etc - Now that there has been a list of labels added to the side of the control panel, it would be much prefered if there were a way to limit that by whether or not it was published. Right now it always included everything, no options. -Added 10/19/06
If even a few of these end up happening, I would be that much happier sticking with Blogger. Blogger is a great platform, but I think that there is still much room for improvement.

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