Thursday, August 31, 2006

New stuff coming soon

[Image: Blogger logo]My blog has finally become able to switch over to the new Blogger platform, I must say that I somewhat disappointed right now.

The only feature that I want out of this whole deal is the tags. I want to make it that much easier to organise my blog. Other than linking my blog to my Google account, I don't even care for many of the other features.

I'm really surprised that there really isn't much of a change to the whole interface. I expected there to be the biggest revamp ever, but nothing really changed. The only change that I have to get used to is the fact that I need to use a different username and password to log in with. It is a little weird though, that everything is updated instantly, a big change from sitting there while it updates.

Perhaps others will be getting more use out of all this, but to me, this is a long wait just to get use of tags. I could always switch to some other system, but I have no idea how to modify templates. Blogger gives me what I need, and has the ability to migrate all this to my own server, if I ever get one, or just leave it hosted freely here until that day arises.

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