Saturday, September 23, 2006

Hot new sexiness

[Image: RAZR phone]My parents and I did some shopping yesterday after dinner. First we went to Sam's Club to get some smoothie mix, but of course nothing is anywhere near where it was a few weeks ago.[Image: iPod Nano] It's so annoying how they reorganise everything every couple of days. Anyhow, we didn't ever find it, but we got some new cell phones while we were there, from one of those kiosks they set up. Our contract is near up, so we renewed and got RAZRs seeing as how they are pratically free with the rebate.

Then we went over to Best Buy. My mom offered to buy me an iPod since they were cheap, and available. If you were to wait for the holidays, they'll all be gone. I saw my old soccer coach (the one I liked) and we talked a little bit, discussed the iPod, and then he sold us a nano. The night went well. It did come back to bite me, shuffle wasn't enough.

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