Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Engadget website update

Engadget, the popular tech blog with a seemingly endless supply of information has done a complete overhaul of their website design. For the most part, it's pretty great to see the changes, but other things annoy me.

Starting with the good: the focus is more on the content. Right from the top of the page, it goes from the logo, straight into the first post. There is also a section just to the right that has features which are nice to put a little emphasis on big events, and not letting them fall off the page so quickly. Tags: they didn't really do anything with them other than an ocassional link in a post, but other than that you wouldn't know they existed, and now they get a least a little box. Engadget Mobile headlines are a good idea, seeing as how the banner was never enough to convince me to wander over there, now a headline may catch my eye.

The bad: width, while it is great, that is only to an extent. I don't like to have to read a line all the way across the page; narrow columns are easier. Column-wide images are just annoying. The way it is done, the browser will attempt to resize it, resulting in a terrible looking image.


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