Thursday, September 21, 2006

Schools and evolution

I always have to laugh at the stupidity of these "problems" that people come up with. One thing that seems to have plagued the schools for years is the issue of whether or not schools should teach evolution, and the same for creationism. I only bring this up after the conflict was mentioned in one of my school textbooks.

I am always afraid to put out my opinion as people go crazy about it all. The great thing that annoys me is the people that bring the bible into it. People need to learn to look at things other than the way a book says, as I'm sure in many places you could interpret things differently, thus use it to fit any point of view. The way that I see it closely mirrors that of my biology teacher from two years ago. "Even if you don't believe in evolution, you should still learn about it so that you know what you're not believing in."

Also, the fact that people are quoting things from the bible trying to make their argument about why it should be banned is a poor argument. The school system should be free of religion. People other than christians go to the public school system, and thus the opinions of christians should not be a deciding factor. Where I stand, teach it, and if you think that it is a load of bologna, ignore it.

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