Friday, October 6, 2006

From the Reader I

I use Google Reader to keep track of updates to a number of sites that I visit often. The reader is really nice because it will bring all the information that I haven't read right to my fingertips. This week I am going to start something that I plan on doing weekly for quite a while. Sorry that this week is primarily BoingBoing, but I will get others.

Lightning launches photographer into the air
Store made from old shipping containers
Teacher sports full face tattoo
Funny family planning advice sign
Keep the beach clean
Google Buys Their Old Garage
Eight foot, 400 pound NES replica FTW

So that will be it for week one. Remember that this only goes through things that come in through feeds. If you know of a blog's feed that will make interesting articles, email them to me and someday a few posts may make it.


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