Thursday, September 28, 2006

New reading: Why Gender Matters

[Image: cover of Why Gender Matters]With a new report assignment comes a new book that I have to read. Last time I was blessed with being able to read a book by Bill Bryson. This time, we got to choose the book that we wanted to read; I chose "Why Gender Matters."

When the librarian went through the selection at our grasps, this was one of the ones that caught my attention. The basic idea that she explained was that he book goes through how even though they teach that both genders should be treated the same, they shouldn't. I only took a quick glance at it, but I think that this could be fairly interesting.

Completely by chance, I opened to the following part of the book:
-"How can a gay guy have sex with a girl?" Paul asked.
-"Easy," I said. "The guy just imagines that he's having sex with another guy."

Although not the entire book is this way, I think that I can come to enjoy this.

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