Friday, November 10, 2006

Stolen teen's iPod makes another headline

After quite a ruckus in the blogosphere, The stolen iPod lawsuit finally ends. The story on all of this runs back a few months, but an agreement has been made. From the article:
"Melanie McCarthy, Shannon’s mother, said she considers the used iPod offering 'an insult.' The iPod has more space for songs and a video playback capability that Shannon's iPod Nano did not have, but the screen and back were scratched and worn, compared to what she said was Shannon's new iPod.

McCarthy told French she simply did not have the time to go through with a trial, but did not consider the used iPod comparable to Shannon's loss of a brand new one. However, she said by helping to start a junior CrimeStoppers program she wants to take a bad experience and turn it into something positive."
Now we will take a moment to step back and examine the past. The girl ended up with a used iPod; she could have gotten a new iPod, case, and $50 in iTunes music, but her mother refused the anonymous donation. They could have gotten more out of all this and avoided all of the publicity if they had just accepted the offer.

I am also annoyed at the fact that the mother is "insulted" by all of this. She was the one pushing for court, she refused an anonymous donation so she could continue to harass the other girl. I guess saying that they are probably no longer friends would simply be stating the obvious.

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