Monday, November 6, 2006

Parents are ruining sports

There is an article on the ridiculousness of people in america; a coach was fired because he did not play the commissioner's son. The firing of the coach resulted in the rest of the team losing out.

This is the example of why parents are so much disliked by people. The players are perfectly fine, but the parents are always the ones that are out of control. They are the ones running out on the field causing trouble. They are the ones who are yelling at the referees.

I am appalled that that guy had the nerve to fire a coach because he did not play his son 100% of the time. They won the game and were heading to the playoffs, but he thought that the coach had no grounds to do so. The commissioner fired the coach as the team was heading to the playoffs. I think that the commissioner's son would rather go to the playoffs than to not at all because his father thought the coach was in the wrong.

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