Wednesday, November 1, 2006 sued by

It appears that the first, publicly-notable lawsuit against Google/YouTube is not for copyright infringement.
The lawsuit alleges that YouTube is confusingly similar to Universal Tube's, which sells tube, pipe and rollforming machinery. Universal Tube said its Web site traffic jumped from 1,500 users a month to more than 2 million, paralyzing the site.
I would assume they probably only have one server, and I bet two million will take down any server.
The lawsuit asks that YouTube stop using the domain name or reimburse Universal Tube for the cost of establishing a new corporate identity.
I can only see one logical idea, and that would be for Google/YouTube to offer to host their website so that the no longer have to deal with the server issue. I really don't think that the lawsuit has any ground to stand on as there is any infringment or rights.

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