Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Political correctness

I am rather annoyed at some of the ideas brought up by our local paper yesterday. They brought up that many of the area schools were celebrating a "harvest festival" instead of Halloween. They mention that it is a move to try to keep from offending anyone.

Is it just me, or are people making way too big of a deal about political correctness. People have celebrated Halloween for who knows how long, and the idea behind it (to me) is that get a bunch of kids dressed up so they can wander around getting candy and having a good time. When I was little, I remember how schools always had a parade through the school so that everyone could show off their costume.

People just need to get some thicker skin. It's not right to get rid of things because you might offend a person or two. People just need to start facing the facts that they will be offended, and they need to get over that.

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